Reward and Souvenir

prize money


Only competitors in marathon, half marathon, mini marathon, you can see the results. And the certificate can be downloaded at (coming soon)

Medal bkk marathon

Competitors in marathon, half marathon, mini marathon and micro marathon categories When crossing the finish line, everyone will receive a commemorative medal.

Reward and Souvenir

Announcement of the Official Results of the Competition

          After the official results of the competition are announced, lists of the award recipients, in accordance with their groups and types, will be posted on the board and displayed on the LED projector next to the presentation stage.  Runners may timely appeal the results to the Bangkok Marathon Organizing Committee (within 15 minutes of the announcement).

Award Presentation Procedures

  1. Award recipients proceed to the Award Presentation site before the commencement of the Award Presentation Ceremony.
  2. In case the winner’s trophy is the “Royal” trophy, the award recipient should wear a sport or blazer jacket over his/her running suit. In addition, the award recipient should render proper respect to the Royal portrait on stage.
  3. Proper dress will be worn at the ceremony; no less formal than sneaker shoes are allowed.

Note :

-Incompliance with above instructions, violation may bring to the termination of his/her award reception, and the award of that event may be transferred to the second place or the next runner-up.

– Award recipient should receive their cash prize within the day of the event, otherwise cash prize may not be awarded.