About Bangkok Marathon


          The National Jogging Association of Thailand (NJAT) was established in 1973, with the primary purpose to promoting good health and physical condition of the Thai people through running activities. The founding of NJAT has been motivated by His Majesty King Rama IX’s speech to the Thai people that “Human body has been naturally created for the use of labor, not to be idle, and proper and frequent movement of body may bring to healthy and agility. Thus those who regularly work without or with less movement of bodies must allocate time for daily exercise sufficient to nature requirement.”  
          Police General Chumpol Lohachala was the first President of the National Jogging Association of Thailand. In order to have Marathon event taken place in the capitol of large cities, like New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Berlin Marathon, London Marathon and Tokyo Marathon, the NJIT decided to organize Bangkok Marathon. The First Bangkok Marathon took place in 1988 with more than 17,000 participants.

Public and Private Collaborations


          Bangkok Marathon events have been constantly supported by various public and private sectors, especially the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the administrative body of the Capitol Bangkok, where the Marathon takes place.  The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Sports Authority of Thailand, the Royal Thai Army, the Royal Thai Navy, the Royal Thai Air Force, the Royal Thai Police and some other public and private organizations have also collaboratively contributed to the success of Bangkok Marathons, with an aim to promoting running activities for good health of the Thai people.

national jogging association of thailand (njat) Executive President

1977 - 1987

Pol.Gen. Chumpol Lohachala

1988 -2002

Gen. Phichit Kullawanich

2003 - 2017

Gen. Manat Klaimanee

2018 - Present

Lt.Gen. Samphan Youngpakul