Jogging for Health Association of Thailand

Board of Jogging for Health Association of Thailand

Pol. Lt. Gen. Chumpol Lohachala

Gen. Phichit Kullawanich

Gen. Manat Klaimanee

Lt. Gen. Samphan Yangphakun

History of Bangkok Marathon

Jogging for Health Association of Thailand, It was first established in 1973 with the objective of encouraging Thai people to exercise by running for health. Inspired by the royal determination His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX has given a royal speech to the Thai people that “Our bodies are Nature was created for physical exertion. It is not to be idle, if you use labor in an appropriate and regular manner. The body will grow strong and agile. Therefore, people who normally work without using force or using little force Therefore, it is necessary to always find time to exercise to meet your natural needs every day.”

Co-founder of the association It was decided to elect Pol. Lt. Gen. Chumpol Lohachala to be the president of the association. The first person is an executive. We have tried to promote running for health to be popular among Thai people. At the same time, the association has resolved to organize a competition. “Bangkok Marathon” to be the annual marathon event of the capital of Thailand. Like the capital or leading cities in the world Such as the New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Berlin Marathon, London Marathon and Tokyo Marathon by organizing the Bangkok Marathon. It first happened in 1988 with a total of 17,000 runners participating in the event at that time when compared to the number of runners participating today. which comes from different regions all over the world, more than 60 nations, numbering more than 40,000 people.

“Bangkok Marathon” the biggest traditional marathon event in Thailand. Started since 1988 until the present. It has been set for the 3rd Sunday of November. It is an event day every year. Therefore designated to be called "Bangkok Marathon" has an event area. (The start and end of the race) is on Sanam Chai Road. In front of the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew or in front of the Ministry of Defense. Traffic in the area will be closed on the day of the event. It can be said that it is an event area with a magnificent and elegant surroundings.

Cooperation of all sectors

In organizing every Bangkok Marathon, Jogging for Health Association of Thailand received good cooperation from all sectors. Especially Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is considered to be the administrator of the capital of Thailand The name was used as a competition called “Bangkok Marathon” Ministry of Tourism and Sports Sports Authority of Thailand, Army, Navy, Air Force and Royal Thai Police Many government agencies and private organizations together who saw that this activity promoting running for health would help support Thai people It is progressively progressing on a par with other developed countries around the world.